Fairtex BGV20 Review : Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV20 Review Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV20 Review : Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

Pastel blue – the color trend announced by Pantone for 2019. The same color Fairtex used for their new BGV20’s. A matte, no gloss shine makes this model stand out from others currently on the market. But, the color isn’t the only exceptional thing about these gloves. Read this complete review of the Fairtex BGV20 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves to find out more. 

Same pattern and padding as the BGV12  “Aura” gloves

The BGV20 design is modeled after Fairtex’s Aura Boxing Gloves. They have the same padding and pattern with a much different material. These gloves boast a circular, padded cuff with a long velcro strap, allowing you to effectively tighten and adjust. This feature makes them suitable for a wide range of wrist sizes, and provides a secure fit for the most slender of wrists. It’s also padded for added support and protection. 

A soft grip bar makes it easy to form a fist by giving you something to hold onto inside the glove. This bar is soft, adding nothing but comfort to your fight ready fists. This also allows you to effectively catch kicks and train clinching. Pillowy soft padding covers the knuckles, thumbs, and back of the hand. The compact hand compartment gives lots of padding for checking kicks. 

The thumb on these gloves is fully attached, making them an ideal choice for athletes with previous hand injuries. This feature is also important when selecting a sparring glove, as it protects your opponent from potential poke eye injuries. 

Along the palm of the glove, there is additional padding concentrated by the  pinky finger. This padding is more dense than the rest, giving great hand protection. There are 4 ventilation holes under the fingers, 5 across the palm and 6 along the thumb, for a total of 30 handmade inlets per pair.


See images above for visual comparison of the Fairtex BGV20 and Fairtex BGV14 models.

Genuine leather construction

The leather Fairtex uses for their BGV20 gloves has a different finish from the others they use. It is a completely matte finish created by a very thin chemical along the surface. Fairtex always takes special care in selecting their materials, but they really go the extra mile with this model. The leather is minimally finished to preserve the raw grain, so they need to be sure they select a good sheet to begin with. Raw leather is super soft and durable, these gloves feel like butter but are just as durable as your other Fairtex gloves. The black trim on these gloves also uses leather. The inside is a mixture of high density foam padding and water resistant neoprene  fabric.


Designed with women in mind

Fairtex created the BGV20’s specifically for slender hands. Their compact design provides an exceptionally tight fit. Together with the super soft leather and flexible grip bar, Fairtex markets these gloves towards female fighters. 


In review, the Fairtex BGV20 Boxing Gloves use the same model as the BGV12 design, with genuine, minimally finished leather. They are a popular pick amongst women, for their fit, feel, and look.

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Already own a pair? Let us know how they perform in the comments below. 



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