Fairtex BGV19 Review – Tight Fitting Boxing Glove with Deluxe Padding

Fairtex Bgv19 Review

Fairtex BGV19 Review: When buying boxing gloves for any combat sport, finding the right size is paramount. It is possible to have gloves which fit but are far from snug. It’s also possible to have a certain weight of glove that is less protective than another glove of exactly the same weight.

If you have small hands, you may find it very difficult to find the right glove for you. If you hit heavy, you may find you want gloves with extra padding.

And, if either of the above are true for you, consider the Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit Boxing Glove.


Tight Fitting Boxing Glove with Deluxe Padding:

The BGV19 is a deluxe, tight fitting version of Fairtex’s flagship boxing glove, the BGV1. Perfect for small hands and with more padding than the BGV1 model. If you got little hands or hit like a train, these gloves might be just what you need.


BGV19 Glove Construction:

The Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit boxing gloves use the highest quality leather and triple layered padding. With extra padding on the knuckles and the back of the hand. Softer padding on the outside, firmer inside, these gloves offer excellent protection. The thumb is fully attached and placed in a comfortable position, similar to the thumb placement on the BGV16. They have ventilation holes on the palm but not the thumb. With a small grip bar to squeeze.Fairtex BGV19 Boxing Gloves

There is a typically Thai style, short Velcro cuff which offers substantial support. As is the theme with this glove, the cuff has extra padding. Although some fighters may prefer longer cuffs nevertheless, what these beauties lack in cuff length, they more than make up for with padding. Extensive padding along the back of the hand serves to provide additional wrist support but limiting overextension.

How do the Fairtex BGV19 Gloves Fit?

If you have small hands, these gloves will feel unlike most other gloves you have tried. Most gloves have extra space inside the glove to accommodate different hand sizes and hand wraps. This often means that people with little hands find boxing gloves to be frustratingly loose. Well Fairtex’s BGV19 Deluxe Muay Thai gloves buck the trend by hugging the hand. Make no mistake, they are tight and the fingers are short!

Therefore, these gloves may feel uncomfortable for fighters with larger hands. But will be excellent for teens, women or men with smaller hands. Additionally, they might not accommodate hand wraps easily, until the gloves have been broken in. It is important to take this into account before buying the Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit boxing gloves.


Deluxe Padding for Extra Protection:

Some heavy handed fighters want a glove with as much padding as possible. The beauty of the BGV19 Deluxe Tight Fit glove is, a smaller hand compartment that allows for increased padding in the knuckle zone and down the back of the hand. Deluxe in this context means bountiful. Like that cushy duvet you want to wrap yourself in when it’s cold. That really applies here. Not only are the knuckles and hand encased in lush pillow like padding, the short hand opening and cuffs are lined with similarly lavish padding. Some people have said that the Fairtex BGV19 is similar to the Twins boxing glove accept with a tighter hand capsule. These gloves will offer plentiful protection for dropping bombs.


With or without hand wraps?

It is always best to wrap your hands. But sometimes, for light sparring or mitt work, it’s convenient just to slip on gloves and go to work. As long as you are careful and are willing to take the risk, the extra padding will allow for this. Although, when you are hitting the heavy bag or sparring hard, you really should wrap your hands. At first it may be difficult to squeeze wrapped hands into the Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit boxing gloves but as soon as they are broken in, this should become possible.

Fairtex BGV19 Boxing Gloves Gold Black Red Khaki

Eye-catching Appeal

Due to their construction, the Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit Muay Thai glove has a different aesthetic to most other Fairtex gloves. The extra padding and improved thumb position make them look less boxy than the BGV1. They look a bit like a Western boxing glove with a shorter cuff. They come in solid colour with a larger Fairtex logo printed in bold, vertically up the back of the hand. With the Fairtex patch logon on the cuff. There’s a simple elegance to the BGV19 which makes them satisfying on the eye. The BGV19’s come in solid colors : red, black, gold, orange, or khaki. Similar to Fairtex’s BGV16’s, the BGV19 khaki color is a perfect match to their SP5 “white” color.


Pros & Cons of Fairtex’s BGV19 Boxing Gloves
Pros: Cons:
Tight fitting, snug for smaller hands
May be too tight for people with big hands
Extra padding for extra knuckle and hand protection
May be too tight even for hand wraps, at least until they are broken in
A great and unique looking Fairtex glove


Final thoughts for Fairtex BGV19 Glove Review:

This is a well constructed glove, designed for small hands. The glove shape allows for extra padding but it may not accommodate larger hands or wrapped hands, at least until the gloves are broken in. Overall, this is yet another great glove from the Fairtex fight team.

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