Fairtex BGV13 Review: Coach Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves Review

Coach Sparring Glove, Fairtex BGV13 Review

Mitt work is a cornerstone of boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. It provides fighters with countless skill amplifying benefits, essential for gaining that edge in the ring. Increasing hand to eye coordination, reaction time, distance control, elusive head-movement and footwork to name a few. In the hands of a good pad-holder, the dynamism of the humble focus-mitt is a real boon to any striker’s game. Quality pad work allows the fighter to fine tune the parameters of their entire skill-set.

Fluctuating between speed, accuracy and bomb dropping power. Refining the pace, rhythm and frequency of strikes. Honing the angles of the attack and retreat. Drilling that murderous technique until it becomes instinct, or flowing freestyle to mimic the unpredictability of an actual fight. Mitts can hone both a fighter’s offensive and defensive arsenal, whilst increasing overall conditioning.

And while regular mitt work, is without a doubt, a bedrock of most elite striker’s training regimes, it’s no substitute for sparring. Pressure testing is non-negotiable if you want to compete.

Imagine the potential of seamlessly switching between the intensity and unpredictability of sparring, with the precision dynamism of mitt work? Fusing these training methods can elevate your skill and fight IQ whilst helping prepare you for the actual fight.

Introducing the Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves

With a dose of Fairtex’s ingenuity, they have made an adaptation to the classic boxing glove that brings it’s function to the next level. They’ve done so by incorporating certain architectural aspects of the focus-mitt into the palm of a the glove. This allows the pad holder to become the sparring partner, yet switch roles, back to mitt-man on dime. As if they were focus mitts with some glove technology overlaid.

The BGV13 are most often said to incorporate striking ability for mitt holders. This is exactly what they are designed for. But as a product in itself, they are more precisely a boxing glove, with additional mitt holding capacity. Perhaps we are splitting hairs but it is important for you to know, you are not buying mitts, with striking capacity. You are buying a pair of boxing gloves, with palm side reinforcement. Allowing a sparring partner to catch combination or trainers to uncork powerful jabs and counters during pad work drills.

Fairtex BGV13 coach sparring gloves palm Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves Blue Fairtex BGV13 Blue Coach Sparring Gloves side

Fairtex BGV13 Construction

The BGV13 model is made with Fairtex’s signature attention to detail. They utilize high-quality microfiber fabric for longevity. The microfiber material not only ensures resilience against wear and tear but also minimizes the buildup of odour and bacteria. These come in one size only, at a glove size roughly equivalent to that of a 14oz. These gloves strike a crisp balance between hand protection and mobility. The traditional boxing glove design has stout wrist support, ensuring a secure fit for trainers and sparring partners alike. 

The open palm design allows for a central target zone brimming with padding and highlighted in white. They look like gloves not mitts but once you start catching shots, you will realise Fairtex has that mitt construction built in nicely.

Fairtex Aesthetics:

The Fairtex BGV13 Coaching/Sparring Gloves boast a unique look. They stand out against the rest of Fairtex’s wide and diverse range of gloves, as clearly something different. The gloves are available only in an attractive deep blue, offset by red palms. The white circles on the palms not only serve as targets for accuracy drills but also add a visually striking element to the overall design. The back of the glove features a Fairtex logo, in a complementary white, that makes the blue really pop! The unique shape and colour scheme of these innovative gloves, make the Fairtex BGV13 stand out from the pack.

How do the BGV13’s feel?

Using the Fairtex BGV13 Coaching/Sparring Gloves is an immersive experience. They combine comfort, functionality, and performance. As you slide your hands into these gloves, you’ll immediately notice the close-fitting yet comfortable fit. This is due to their precision design and optimal wrist support. The 14oz weight strikes the perfect balance, allowing for swift movement and agility without compromising protection. With the extra padding on the palm and all the glove architecture, the BGV13 couldn’t really be any lighter.

These are essentially two bits of equipment in one and it just so happens that 14 oz is a respectable size for a sparring glove. The open palm puts the holder’s hand in a position, reminiscent of using focus mitts. With the Fairtex BGV13 gloves, you’ll have another variable to your training. Get fully equipped to take your training to new heights. These are a lovely bit of innovation from the Fairtex crew.

$92.00 USD
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


Fairtex BGV13 Review

Pros Cons
Two bits of kit in one
Specific weight and design may not cater to individuals with different training preferences or styles
Microfiber fabric for durability and longevity
Snug fit with optimal wrist support
Balanced 14oz
Open palm design for catching punches
Added padding
Visually appealing

Final Thoughts for the Fairtex BGV13 Review:

The Fairtex BGV13 Coaching/Sparring Gloves offer a dual purpose with their unique construction. Incorporating architectural elements of focus mitts. These boxing gloves allow the pad holder to become a sparring partner and switch roles seamlessly. Made with high-quality microfiber fabric. They ensure durability and minimize odour and bacteria buildup. The gloves provide hand protection, mobility and optimal wrist support. With an attractive design, featuring blue and red colours, they stand out from other gloves. The BGV13 gloves offer comfort, functionality, and performance, making them a versatile and innovative choice for training. However, their specific weight and design may not suit everyone’s training preferences or styles. 

If these are the training tool for your fighters, find them here at a great price!

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