Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Glove Review – Universal “Tight Fit” Design

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Glove Review


When it comes to glove innovation, Fairtex are prolific.

Unlike Windy, a brand which found out what works decades ago, and stuck to it, the Fairtex team, likes to keep adding new gloves to their range.


However, the BGV1 is Fairtex’s original design. Still one of their best-selling models, the BGV1 is a solid and reliable glove, a great glove for beginners and pros alike.


So, let’s take a closer look at Fairtex’s flagship glove.


As with all Fairtex gloves, it is handmade in Thailand, using extremely high standards. The BGV1 design uses high quality leather.It is more boxy and compact than some of the company’s newer boxing gloves and is designed more for a Nak Muay than a Western boxer.

Nevertheless this glove has crossover appeal.


A BGV1 glove feels like a solid unit, unlike some of the manufacturer’s bigger, sleeker, softer gloves.

It has Fairtex’s three-layered padding system, which absorbs the shock of strikes excellently. The padding is spread relatively evenly throughout the glove, only slightly favoring the knuckle zone. However, because it is a Muay Thai glove, the padding on the back of the hand is just right to protect your hand from incoming kicks. Despite the three-layered padding, the interior of the glove is surprisingly roomy, allowing it to fit snugly when using hand wraps.


The water-resistant microfibre lining doesn’t only feel good, it is easy to clean. The relatively airy glove interior also makes it convenient to dry the glove out. After a hard session and a spray down with your odour-neutralizing spray, these gloves should dry out easily.


With their partially attached thumbs, they feel trustworthy while putting the thumb in an advantageous position for the clinch.

These are the kind of gloves in which you can throw heavy punches with confidence. You can drop bombs on the heavy bag in the relative peace of mind that you are unlikely to hurt your hand. Even if you are a bit sloppy with your punches, these gloves should protect your meathooks.


The cuffs are bulky but short and the Velcro hook and loop system very robust. This makes them extremely unlikely to unfasten mid-combo, while offering decent, but not amazing wrist support.

The stitching is crisp and sturdy throughout the leather shell of the BGV1. This high quality and stout stitching makes for a glove that should last for years of pressure.


Despite all of this muscular engineering, they are smaller than other gloves of the same weight. They look and feel condensed, which is rather miraculous considering the spaciousness of the glove’s interior. Because of this, they will certainly take some breaking in. All that hardware chocked into such a tight space, may make for an unyielding experience until you’ve put some miles on the clock!

Visually, the BGV1 boxing glove is a treat, as this is the glove where Fairtex gets creative. It comes in in a variety of colors and limited-edition designs. From the white Dark Cloud themed gloves to the ONE Glove, national flags like the US Flag and Aussie Flag designs, and solid, old-school colors like red and black, these gloves can be as ostentatious or reserved as you want.

They also come with a breathable, mesh palm model, for extra ventilation.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves:

Pros: Cons:
Highest quality construction
Can be hard and unyielding at first, needing breaking in
Great, well-distributed padding
Without hand wraps, the interior of the glove may feel too big if you have smaller hands. The shorter cuff might not support the wrist as well as other gloves
Good weight
Compact glove
Nice spacious interior for wraps
Built to last
Amazing variety of designs


Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Glove Review Conclusion:


Fairtex’s flagship glove is a well-designed piece of equipment, offering great protection and durability. The BGV1 model is great for beginners and professionals. Plus, it comes in a wide range of exciting designs.

Ultimately, this is one of the most popular Thai gloves on the market. A great buy!



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