Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves

fairtex bgl6 review professional competition fight gloves lace up boxing gloves
Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves. Fairtex has the widest range of equipment of any Thai manufacturer. Their selection of gloves span the spectrum, catering for most tastes and styles. From their outstanding Velcro sparring gloves with angled straps to their killer Mexican style puncher’s gloves. Fairtex is a veritable heavyweight of diverse, high end boxing glove innovation and design.
Fairtex has two beautiful lace up glove offerings with very different characteristics. A lace up version of the aforementioned Mexican style BGL7 and their Competition style BGL6 lace up gloves. This review is focusing on the BGL6 and at the end we will compare them with the BGL7 Mexican style puncher’s glove. Read on to find out more.

Overview of the Fairtex Pro Competition Gloves:

These are professional level, competition style gloves. They’re used in K-1 USA and Brazil, ISKA, Strike Force, WBC Muay Thai and other top flight, pay-per view competitions shown on network television worldwide. These are serious gloves, created for the pros by Thailand’s most prolific boxing equipment manufacturer.

Top Notch Construction:

Fairtex BGL6 gloves are made out of the finest leather, for the heat of battle on a professional level. With three layers of high density foam padding across the knuckles, these offer maximum shock absorption. An ergonomic design will put your hands in a safe and comfortable position. A locked thumb reduces thumb injuries and protect your opponents eyes.
The hand compartment is snug and close fitting. The lace up fastening system is double stitched for durability. The glove edge uses a leather trim to reduce the risk of tears. Surrounding the lace up enclosure is thick sausage like padding to protect the wrist and palm whilst parrying and catching shots. These gloves are without a doubt, well built for the sharp end of the professional fight game.

Fight Glove Aesthetic:

The Fairtex BGL6 lace up boxing glove is a classically great looking glove. No fancy limited edition designs, just a traditional aesthetic coming in a classic colour selection of solid black, blue or red. These gloves wouldn’t look out of place in a Rocky movie or an Ali fight from the golden age of boxing. BGL6’s use the familiar Fairtex logo, across the back of the glove. These are no frills, Spartan beauty.

Comparing Fairtex BGL6 Pro Fight Gloves with the Fairtex BGL7 Mexican Style Gloves:

The comparison between the BGL6 and BGL7 is interesting. Although both gloves can be used for boxing or Muay Thai, the BGL6 is a glove made with Muay Thai and kick boxing in mind. Whereas the BGL7 is a made not only for Western boxing, but for the heavy handed puncher. The BGL6 has three layers of high density padding across the knuckles. The BGL7 has only two layers of high density knuckle padding. This means that the Mexican style BGL7 glove is a ‘puncher’s glove’. Not for the feint hearted, making the knuckles bite unlike most other glove designs. Whereas the BGL6 offers a more robust sense of protection and security.
Comparison between Fairtex Lace Up Glove Models
Layers of Foam Padding 3 2
Thumb Completely attached Semi attached
Cuff Straight design
Triple ribbed design

It’s worth repeating that both gloves are good for boxing or Muay Thai. Nevertheless you should opt for the BGL6 if you’re a Nak Muay with limited experience or delicate hands. The protection the extra knuckle padding offers, cannot be underestimated. If you are inexperienced or have any history of hand fractures or breaks, the BGL6 is the glove for you.

Pros & Cons of Fairtex BGL6 Boxing Gloves
Pros Cons
 Tried and tested by the pros
 If you prefer the feel of a puncher’s glove, the extra knuckle padding may feel like too much
 Robust knuckle padding
 Palm and wrist padding for catching and parrying shots

Final Thoughts on the Fairtex BGL6 Professional Fight Gloves:

These lace up gloves are professional standard and fight glove made for competition. Tried and tested in the ring from K-1 to WBC Muay Thai, these gloves are without a doubt top flight. If you want a puncher’s glove, opt for the Fairtex BGL7 Mexican style glove but if you are inexperienced or have delicate hands, the BGL6 is the glove for you. You can find the Fairtex Professional Fight Gloves here at Nak Muay Wholesale
Have something to add to this Fairtex BGL6 Review? Please let us know how they performed for you in the comments below 🙏

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