Fairtex BAG9 Retro Style Gym Bag

Fairtex BAG9 Review

Fairtex BAG9 Retro Style Gym Bag Review

So you’ve started training, now you need a way to carry all your equipment! A combat sport kit is bulky and you have to carry it around, so you need a bag you can rely on. There are many different types and style of gym bag. Some more spacious, sturdy and practical than others.

A good gym bag will help you keep your kit organized. It will also keep it safe and reduce odour by keeping it relatively well aired. That’s why it is best to have a dedicated kit bag, designed for combat sport equipment, rather than a generic bag. Sure, you could just use your kid’s dinosaur backpack to get your gloves to the gym. But, if you want to carry your shin-guards as well, you’ll want to invest in a better bag.

Fairtex has some serious chops when it comes to designing quality gear for Muay Thai and boxing. So, how does their Retro Style Barrel Gym Bag stand up? Let’s take a closer look.

Fairtex Barrel Bag Construction:Fairtex BAG9 Barrel Bag Strap details

This bag uses a simple but effective design. It’s made in Thailand with premium grade water resistant nylon, with heavy duty canvas straps. Unlike other bags, the straps on the BAG9 are actually stitched into the body of the bag. The retro style design has the straps wrap all the way around the bag, making them both durable and stylish. Fairtex uses the best YKK zips anchored into the bag by extremely heavy duty canvas webbing. The webbing anchoring the main zip is quadruple stitched for extra strength. The pockets have strong Velcro closures with easy pull tabs. Without a doubt, the Fairtex team has carefully designed this bag to last.

Retro style bag with space for your fight gear:

The BAG9 has one large, cylindrical compartment for your bulky equipment like gloves. With two side pockets at the end of the bag for things like hand wraps and mouth guard. When it comes to size, the Fairtex Retro Style Barrel Gym Bag9, is medium in size. At 50cm long and 30cm wide, you should be able to fit a bunch of gear inside. Although it may get tight if you don’t organize your equipment carefully. Customer feedback has been that can accommodate  gloves, shin guards, wraps, mouth-guard and water, but not much more. If you also want to squeeze in focus mitts, headgear or extra gloves, you will run out of space. If you want a cavernous bag you can fit more inside, check out the Fairtex BAG2.

A stylish and functional choice:Fairtex Bag9 purple barrel bag

The Fairtex BAG9 Barrel Bag is without a doubt one of the nicest looking gym bags on the market. Coming in turquoise blue or light purple with white trim, it really is eye-catching. It features “Fairtex Muay Thai Department, Legendary since 1971” written on the trunk of the bag, along the main compartment. Each pocket at the end of the cylindrical compartment has a different design. One pocket has a brown old-school Fairtex logo, the other pocket features “Fairtex 1971 Fighter ” in white bold font. The straps have a thick white stripe on one side and “Never Give Up” in white on the reverse. The chunky, white YKK zip stand out against the main colour of the bag nicely. The Fairtex BAG9 Barrel Bag is most certainly a great looking bag.

Before you buy the Fairtex BAG9, consider this:

When buying a kit bag, it is worth considering how you are going to be using it. At first this might seem like a funny thing to think about but lets break it down. There are two main designs of kit bag. The classic gym bag and the backpack design.

Are you going to the gym by car, public transport or motorbike? A classic gym bag has more space than a backpack. So hooking a gym bag over your shoulders to ride the subway is fine but doing the same to ride your motorbike might not be best . If you are riding a motorbike, it is paramount for safety that your kit bag is stable on your shoulders so a backpack is best.

So, it’s worth thinking about your commute before you buy a bag. The Fairtex Bag9 is great for short journeys on public transport or car but not best for motorcycle riders. Think about it before you buy. We also have backpack options from Fairtex & Twins.

Pros & Cons of Fairtex BAG9
Pros: Cons:
Built to last Limited space
Decent size
Not ideal motorcycle riders or cyclists
Great looking

Final Thoughts on the Fairtex BAG9 Barrel Bag:

This is a great-looking and durable, medium sized duffle bag. It’s a great buy for one pair of gloves, shin guards, wraps and mouthguard. Although starts to get tight if you plan for extra equipment. The BAG9 is excellent for public transport and car journeys, if that’s how you commute to the gym. Overall, this is another lovely piece of equipment from Fairtex.

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