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Fast and just as advertised

Great bag that lives up to the hype and (once you figure out how to hang/mount it) is a great tool to hone your skills. And, it arrived here in Canada INCREDIBLY fast (faster than most products that I order online that ship from here in North America). Very satisfied overall.

No problems whatsoever

buying the Twins Shinguards was very easy. No Problems. Shipping was quick and easy. in less than a week they were in Austria where I live. The quality of the product is excellent. All in all a perfect buy.

Nice gloves!!

Good fit and eye catching, fast delivery!!

Fairtex Coaching/Sparring Gloves (BGV13)
Syed M.B.S.A.A. (Singapore)
Fairtex Coaching/Sparring Gloves (BGV13)

Gloves are overall good, Padding are ok. You will be able to spar, hold pad for punches and throw in clinch but it keep slipping so you have to make sure you put on your hand wraps.

Windy Muay Thai Gloves (BGVH)
Douglas E. (United States)
Sick pair of gloves

I got my gloves 3 or 4 days after ordering them through Nak muay wholesale. The quality of the gloves are awesome genuine leather and great quality. I've used the gloves now a few times and they slap hard. I enjoy the sound of leather gloves hitting pads. I would recommend these gloves and Nak muay wholesale for sure. Also this is not my first purchase from Nak muay wholesale but my third purchase all gloves ( twins and windy and honestly they rock.

Windy Muay Thai Gloves (BGVH)
Apalothil (United States)
Awesome gloves and customer service

Comfortable fit and hold up well in the Muay Thai gym. They also shipped super fast. Bought them on Friday from USA, estimated delivery was Wednesday-Friday the following week. Ended up being delivered on Monday. Outstanding.

Fairtex Superior Curved Kicks Pads (KPLS2)
Easy t.w.w.w.a.d.D.o.t. (United States)

Customer service was great, items was as described, everything was delivered on time.

Very good

Good protection,thick pads , good quality of product, good stitch. Not rotate on the leg.
I choose between Fairtex (SP5) Twins (SGL-10) TKB (TKSGEM-01) and after all reviews I bought TKB.
If it would be usefull I'm 188cm and I took size L but better to use measure table I couldn't find it here but you easily find it in the internet.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
Shane (United States)
Fantastic Customer Service.. Even Better Products

Not Only were the products as described, but their customer service helped me within 2 hours of my initial inquiry. Shipping was unbelievably quick. I will be purchasing all my gear from this site going forward.

Fairtex Shin Pads (SP8)
Simon N. (Isle of Man)
Superb Quality

Fairtex knee pads.
S8 Brown
Three days only to arrive UK. Great price. Superb quality.

Fairtex Shin Pads (SP8)
Stephen S. (United States)
Worth the money

Was a bit apprehensive about buying direct, but we're trying to choose individual businesses over Amazon. They came in as advertised, got stuck a few days in Customs, but still arrived on time for my Level 3 Krav Maga test. Wore them in a hot gym for a couple of hours and they stayed put and comfortable. I'm 6'03" with bigger calves, and they are a great fit. Cushioned me well from kicks. Now I can focus on my crippling emotional pain instead, lol.

Windy Lace Up Boxing Gloves (BGL)
Christina H. (United Kingdom)

Excellent dilvery time

Good !!

Fast service to Reunion island.
Will order again !

Excelent gloves


Twins Skipping Rope (SR-2)
Scribe S. (United States)
Great Service/Great Quality

I will buy from here for all of my jump ropes! Gloves (Twins) are built well too. All orders arrived fast, no problems!

Windy Muay Thai Gloves (BGVH)
Tom M. (United States)
Great gloves!

I got the 12oz - A little shorter at the wrist then the Twins Special gloves which I'm used to - Awesome all around gloves!!! A+++


Good quality and delivery first.

Top tier quality

Best quality bag I’ve ever owned.
Also super fast delivery. Only took 2-3 days

Twins Mini Punch Mitts (PML13)
Richard K. (United States)
Great for a gym in a bag solution

A great service ,product and delivery stress order ..cheers ..

Twins Leather Shinguards (SGL-10)
Jenny (United States)
Great and quick service

You cannot beat the speed these guys deliver. Within a couple of days, I had my spanking new pair of shin guards. Great quality, great service, speedy delivery, highly recommended!

Love these gloves.

Twins Boxing Gloves (BGVL-3)
Casey (United States)
Shop worry free!

After almost getting scammed by a fake Twins Special site, I got my gloves from Nak Muay Wholesale. I love my gloves, and the shipping was super fast!

Fairtex "Harmony Six" Boxing Gloves (BGV26)
Giancarlo P. (United States)
Great inventory and shipping times

I was looking all over for Harmony Six fairtex gloves but they were all sold out. This place had it in stock for less than other retailers. The only downside was the shipping cost, but with the lowered price it was about the same price as Amazon anyway with faster shipping!

Fairtex Falcon Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
Matthew G. (United States)
Great gloves!!

Very nice feel and fit.. great gloves all around.

Twins Embossed Boxing Gloves (BGVL-6)
Yoricq V. (South Africa)
Top quality and fast delivery

Absolutely fabulous all round winning experience