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Stunning Gloves

Amazing gloves, amazing quality as expected from Fairtex. The colour combination on these gloves are simply just superb, highly recommend!

Nationman Muay Thai Ankle Support
Phoebe T. (United States)

Nationman Muay Thai Ankle Support

Top King Full Impact Shinguards
Eddie L. (United States)
Light and comfortable

These is really nice insteps. They are light and very protected also comfortable. They don’t move and have really good padding and protection on the foot area.

Primo Free Flow Muay Thai Shorts
Philippe M. (Canada)
Good service

The shorts I ordered were unavailable and they quickly messaged me to offer me new choices, amazing customer service


A true piece of metal. It wont break...solid protection. The challenges are to get the right size and know how to fix it (must get used to knots). Good piece but I wish fairtex makes it with straps like Windy.

Fairtex Handwraps HW2
Dereck (Singapore)
A classic

The wrapes you need for all your trainings. I ran my first set for a year. Its solid, easy to clean, does the job, wide variety of colors.

Fairtex Mouthguard (MG3)
Dereck (Singapore)
Good pick

Easy to shape, light, hold good in mouth. Good pick for your sparring.

Fairtex Racer Muay Thai Shorts
Shaan (New Zealand)
Good product

Great quality

Boon Retro Muay Thai Shorts
Adan T. (New Zealand)

Boon Retro Muay Thai Shorts

Fairtex Slim Cut Muay Thai Shorts
Carlos M.B. (United States)

Came fairly quick and at a great price.

Nationman Muay Thai Ankle Support
Timur S. (United States)

Nationman Muay Thai Ankle Support

Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1)
Rick S. (United States)
Boxing gloves

Gloves seem to be good quality and in good condition when delivered. Good communication with the company.

Boon Retro Muay Thai Shorts
Juan L.J.A.G. (United States)

It’s beautiful I love it


Fairtex Sauna Suit (VS2)
JayLon J. (United States)
Quality product

Really helps you work up a sweat

Light and portable

These are thinner than some pads, easier on the shoulders. Good for fast combos and easy storage when traveling. Your forearms may take a little more of a beating with these (a bonus, stronger forearms).

Boon Shin Guards
David C. (United States)
1 month, not product

It’s been almost 30 days since I placed my order for a pair of Boon shinguards, and I have not received the product or an notice. When I check the Yuntrack, I see the product was stuck at one facility in Illinois for a few weeks, but has been in Pennsylvania for a long time now as well with the “delayed” tag, so I don’t know what’s going on. I wouldn’t recommend ordering from NM if what you need is urgent.

Sorry to hear this package has not yet been delivered. Thank you for letting us know.
We have already contacted Yun Express to investigate this situation and will update you as soon as we have more information from them.

If you ever have questions about a shipment, or need any support, please email us at We are always happy to help

Boon Compact Boxing Gloves
Stephanie M. (United States)
Best. Gloves. Ever.

These are officially my favorite gloves. They fit my baby hands perfectly and they look awesome. Excellent wrist support, comfortable, and beautifully made. Highly recommend!

Top King Snake Shinguards TKSGSS02
Anastasiia S. (Australia)

Amazing service

Fairtex Thigh Pads (TP3)
Andy J. (Philippines)
Great product and solid thigh pads

These pads are really thick. Great for practicing low kicks to the thigh. The trainer is perfectly shielded from strong kicks.

I was initially very upset because my package was lost and I didn’t hear anything. However after I reached out to Nicole with customer service she was extremely kind and helpful. She is the sole reason I didn’t ask for a refund and rate this process a 1 star. I wish I knew her last name so you could easily identify her. Please show her some recognition if it’s possible because without her you would have lost a sale and customer!

Timely Order and Good Product

Love the gloves. Best gloves I have ever had and the delivery went exactly as promised

Fairtex Competition Shin Pads (SP5)
Jordan A. (United States)
Feel’s beautiful

Love it, light, well padded and great for sparring

Defective product

Fast shipping but shin guards were a bit damaged .

Twins Leather Shinguards SGL-10
Harriet H. (United Kingdom)

Twins Leather Shinguards SGL-10