Fairtex F-Day Comparison : Boxing Glove Review BGV11 vs BGV25

Fairtex Fday glove comparison BGV11 vs BGV25

Fairtex fight gear is a well-known Muay Thai brand with cutting edge designs. In this article we will explore the details on two of their limited edition boxing glove models: the Fairtex Fday (BGV11) and Fairtex Fday2 (BGV25). Both of these are special edition designs with extra items included. Read more for the detailed Fairtex F-day glove comparison.

Fairtex F-Day2 (BGV25) Boxing Gloves – The new model

The Fairtex F-Day2 (BGV25) are a special edition boxing glove. These gloves are handmade in Thailand and and covered in Syntek leather. These boxing gloves incorporate features from a few different models of Fairtex boxing gloves.

The F-DAY2’s have a similar design style to the Fairtex BGV-9 Mexican style heavy hitter gloves. One feature taken from the BGV-9’s is the padding along the side opposite the boxers thumb. Another feature is the nylon support piece that helps keep the hand compartment opening closed, despite these gloves having long hand opening that extends almost to the grip bar. These gloves also feature similar wrist padding to the BGV9’s and a longer cuff. There is a bit of padding on the back of the wrist area, this gives some forearm support. The velcro strap, however, has no padding.

Glove Ventilation

In terms of glove ventilation, there is the long glove opening that goes almost to the grip bar. Then on the thumb there are 3 holes on the outer thumb side and an additional 2 holes tucked in where the thumb meets the glove. Along the fingers, just above the grip bar there are 4 ventilation holes to help move air into and out of the finger area.

Grip Bar and Thumb

The grip bar in these gloves is very soft. It gives you something to hold onto when forming a fist and help keep your hand in that supported position.

The thumb on the BGV25’s is fully attached to the main glove. This allows the fighter’s thumb to be nicely tucked in.
There is really soft padding around the thumb and across the back of the main part of the glove. The padding has a similar firmness to the BGV14’s. The thumb is very well reinforced.

Like all Fairtex boxing gear, these gloves have clean seams with double stitching. These gloves have piping on the edges of the glove opening and the wrist strap, to ensure all seams are well finished.

Inside the F-Day2 Gloves

Featuring Fairtex’s signature three-layered foam system. The padding offers excellent hand and knuckle protection, by effectively dispersing the impact from each strike. Because of their superior padding and fit, these gloves are the perfect pair for long training sessions. They will perform well for Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing athletes.

Boxing Glove Fit and Movement

When wearing these gloves your hand will feel well supported. There is plenty of adjustment available on the wrist strap. Internally there is room for you to use handwraps if you wanted. In use these gloves feel similar to the Boon Classic Gloves. There is a seam across the back of the hand, which allows these gloves to flex the wrist forwards, but the padding protects the wrist from overextending. The padding feels great, especially into the fingers and thumb. It actually wraps over the finger tips to really protect the fingers. Internally these gloves feel super soft with no rough edges.

Design Features

These are a special edition model. The main aesthetic feature is a cool Fairtex 1971 logo that is screen printed in large characters across the back of the hand. It also has a custom patch sewn to the back of the wrist strap. The patch is printed with a desert camo pattern and has F-Day printed on it. These gloves do not have the traditional Fairtex Logo. Although they do still have their ‘handmade in Thailand’ logo on the inside of the wrist strap.

Fairtex F-Day (BGV11) – The Originals

These Fairtex gloves come in army green colored Syntek synthetic leather material. The glove design itself is exactly the same as the F-DAY 2’s.

Fairtex F-Day comparison – The difference between BGV11 vs BGV25

On these BGV11’s the wrist strap has a label with the Fairtex logo and the F-DAY name printed on it in a retro military font. The label is a light colored canvas type material and the print is navy blue. The back of the glove has a large Fairtex Logo screen printed in black.

The other main difference is obviously the colors. The F-DAY2’s are only available in the sand brown color, which with the desert camo patch on the wrist strap gives these a very desert military look. Whereas the F-DAY (BGV11’s) are only available in the army green color which gives them a retro WWII look.

Available Boxing Glove Sizes

The Fairtex F-DAY2 (BGV25) Boxing Gloves and the F-DAY (BGV11) Boxing Gloves are available in the following sizes: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz.

We hope this article has been a helpful comparison for the Fairtex F-Day models. You find both these designs available at Nak Muay Wholesale. Let us know in the comments below which one you enjoy most!

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