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Windy Muay Thai Glove Review : A complete look at the Classic Windy BGVH model

Windy Muay Thai Glove Review

Read this complete Windy Muay Thai Glove review for a break down on their classic Velcro BGVH model. Windy Fight Gear is one of the oldest Muay Thai brands and they’re largely responsible for the original Muay Thai Glove design. Although they have made some subtle changes over the years, their classic BGVH design remains […]

Fairtex Boxing Sticks & Fairtex Boxing Paddles Review : How do they measure up?

How does the new Fairtex gear measure up? Read our detailed Fairtex Boxing Sticks and Fairtex Boxing Paddles Review below! Sticks and paddles are commonly used for boxing training; the Fairtex brand is now bringing this equipment to the Muay Thai market. Not a kick pad or focus mitt, these are unique tools. A pair […]

Fairtex TP3 Review : Deluxe Thigh Pads

Fairtex TP3 Review

If you’re training warriors, Fairtex TP3 thigh pads are a must have piece of equipment. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair from Nak Muay Wholesale; read this complete Fairtex TP3 review to find out why. Fairtex TP3 thigh pads stand up to high intensity impact and training. This equipment is ideal for use […]

Product Review: Twins SGL10 Shinguards, Double Padded and Perfect for Muay Thai

Twins SGL10 Shinguards Review: Twins Special is a high quality, internationally recognized Muay Thai brand. All of their equipment is manufactured in Thailand. They offer consistent design and production with a standard that only an established brand can provide. The Twins SGL10 double padded shin guards are one of our most popular shinguard models. They […]

Twins Sauna Suit Review : Use it for cutting weight

You already know that professional fighters need professional gear. So, if you’re fighting and cutting weight often, you really should invest in a sauna suit. There are lots of options on the market. Here’s the reasons why you should buy a Twins Sauna suit: Superior design Extra durability Proper sizing Twins VSS1 Sauna Suit has […]

Fairtex BGV6 Review : Why is the velcro angled?

Fairtex BGV6 Review Why is the Velcro closure on Fairtex’s BGV6 sparring gloves angled? It’s one of the most asked questions about this style of glove and aesthetics aside, the angular strap makes it less likely for you to scratch your opponent during sparring. The Velcro is as far away from the knuckles as possible […]

Top 3 Features of Twins Special BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review: Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves You’re here to learn more about the Twins Embossed BGVL6 Boxing Gloves. This is an in depth product review that will give you an up close look at: How this style differs and compares to the traditional Twins BGVL3 style The excellent wrist support that this model offers Padding distribution […]