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Mongkol Punching Focus Mitts – Review on Model PMM03

Mongkol Thai Boxing Punching Focus Mitts Product review PMM03

Mongkol PMM03 Punching Focus Mitts Review When it comes to combat sports, precision and power are essential. To unlock your true punching potential, you need equipment built specifically for the knuckle sandwich. In the world of Thai boxing, the kick pad is King. Nevertheless, you should avoid long, intensive punch-focused striking sessions on Thai kick […]

The Best Focus Mitts for Precision Training – Boon’s Curved Micro Mitts FMSC

Boon Curved Micro Mitts for Muay Thai and Boxing

Boon Curved Micro Mitts FMSC Review Established in 2002, Boon are relative newcomers to the Muay Thai equipment game. Yet have fast become a Nak Muay Wholesale best seller. Boon Sport has a reliable and loyal customer base consisting of pro fighters, beginners and everyone in-between. Due to their reliably stout construction and Boon’s consistent […]

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing: Twins vs. Fairtex

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing Fairtex vs Twins Special

What is the best sauna suit for Thai boxing? Let’s compare the Twins VSS-1 & Fairtex VS2 When it comes to cutting weight before a bout, fighters understand the importance of shedding those last few pounds. Meeting the strict weight requirements for competition often requires a last-minute, quick fix. Fighters go all out, pushing themselves […]

Fairtex BGV13 Review: Coach Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves Review

Coach Sparring Glove, Fairtex BGV13 Review Mitt work is a cornerstone of boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. It provides fighters with countless skill amplifying benefits, essential for gaining that edge in the ring. Increasing hand to eye coordination, reaction time, distance control, elusive head-movement and footwork to name a few. In the hands of […]

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review – Kick Like A Pro!

Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review KGM02 Mongkol Thai Boxing

Kick Like a Pro: Mongkol Single Strap Kick Pad Review (Model KGM02) When it comes to the fight game, having the right kit is non-negotiable. Arguably, the most essential bit of equipment in any Muay Thai gym is the large and formidable Muay Thai kick pad. Finding the best Muay Thai pads with durability, that […]

Product Review: Top King Extreme Thai Pads

Top King Extreme Kick Pads Product Review

The latest innovation: Top King Extreme Thai Pads Thailand is a very traditional society, with a far more socially cohesive culture than most Western nations. This traditionalism and collectivist unity is part of what makes Thailand so amazing!  In perfect balance to their strong traditional roots, Thai boxing manufacturers lead the way in creative business […]

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai

5 pairs of twins muay thai gloves arranged in a circle with Nak Muay Wholesale review title

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai Authentic Twins Special is one of Muay Thai’s most iconic brands. A Thai brand with a global following, which never promoted itself outside the Kingdom. Twins won an international following through the quality of their equipment and word of mouth. Since the days […]

Top King Super Focus Mitts Review – A top pick for training

Top King Super Focus Mitts Review

Top King Super Focus Mitts Review (TKFMS model) Mitt work can be an uncomfortable task for the trainer. Anyone who has held focus mitts, regularly, for extended periods of time, will know how punishing it can be. There is no getting away from the fact that, holding pads is tough on the forearms and wrists. […]

Boon Curved Kick Pad Review : Perfectly Balanced Thai pads

Boon Curved Kick Pad Review

Boon Curved Kick Pad Review Muay Thai kick pads are the bread and butter of any Muay Thai gym. Which means you should choose wisely when investing in this piece of equipment. You want them to have the right balance of multiple different qualities. It’s no fun kicking or punching pads that have no give! […]

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review Most boxers will have felt the lack of satisfaction of working an uppercut on a heavy bag! The fact is, the average heavy bag is flush and cylindrical. It lacks the angle for you to land uppercuts on. Throwing a neck snapping uppercut honed for the horizontal-angle of […]

King Pro Double Strap Kick Pad Review

King Pro Boxing Double Strap Kick Pad Review

King Pro Double Strap Kick Pad Review All Muay Thai equipment is hardcore. Strong, durable, bulky and heavy! Thai pads are the epitome of Thai boxing equipment. Like padded blocks of masonry, strapped to your forearms. A good pair of Thai pads will absorb dynamite kicks from trained killers, leaving you, the holder, unscathed. Therefore […]

The Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – Review of FGV15 Model

Fairtex FGV15 Glove Review Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – FGV15 Review Unlike Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts is the new kid on the combat sports block. It was originally fought bare knuckle, without gloves. But, the drawbacks of this revealed themselves quickly in the shape of many broken hands. This led to gun shy fighters, afraid to throw head […]