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Top King VS Fairtex – Focus Mitts Comparison

Focus Mitt Comparison_ Fairtex vs Top King Boxing

Top King Super Focus Mitts vs Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Comparison Buying a top-notch pair of focus mitts should be on every trainer’s list. Even if you are not a coach or a trainer, having some striking pads in your kit will always be an asset. Quality mitts are not only important to the […]

How To Choose Your First Pair of Boxing Gloves: What to look for & why

what to look for when buying your first pair of boxing gloves

When embarking on a new activity, making sure you have the right equipment is first on most people’s minds. Muay Thai or Western boxing is no exception. First on most people’s list is boxing gloves. You could use the communal gloves at the gym but these gloves will usually be worn out or smell like […]

Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts

Special Edition Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts One of the most distinctive things about Muay Thai attire is the shorts. You don’t have to be a Muay Thai aficionado to recognise Thai boxing shorts when you see them. Their unique style is famous and transcends the boxing rings in Thailand. Far more colourful than the average […]

Muay Thai T-Shirts

Muay Thai TShirts Nak Muay Wholesale

Muay Thai T-Shirts When we think about Muay Thai gear, our mind goes straight to gloves, shin guards and head gear. That protective equipment that shields you from cuts and bruises and broken bones. Or the equipment we use for target practice. Striking pads, heavy bags and kicking shields. Perhaps even the famously ostentatious Muay […]

Top 4: Synthetic Leather Shin Guards for Muay Thai

Synthetic Leather Shinguards for Muay Thai

Synthetic Leather Shin Guards for Muay Thai – Our Top Picks! In the old days, you either had leather equipment or you had low quality equipment. There was nothing good about leatherette. Plastic alternatives to leather looked bad, really bad and held up worse. Old fashioned leatherette plastic boxing equipment was almost always, fast tracked […]

Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards: Top 4 Picks

Top 4 Leather Shinguards for Muay Thai

Top 4 Genuine Leather Muay Thai Shin Guards In the past, most high level Muay Thai shinguards were made out of leather. High quality synthetic alternatives just didn’t exist. Today there are lots of impressive vegan leather options, but real leather shin guards are still highly prized. From Boon’s cowhide shin guards to Twins leather […]

Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai – Top 3 Picks!

synthetic leather boxing gloves for muay thai

Top 3 Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves For Muay Thai Until relatively recently, a high quality alternatives for leather was non existent. The plastic leatherette of years gone by looked and felt cheap. Not only was old fashioned leatherette aesthetically unappealing, it lacked the durability required for sustained punishment in the boxing gym. Today synthetic leather […]

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