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Cloth Shin Pads for Muay Thai : Comparing Nationman and Fairtex

Fairtex Nationman Cloth Elastic Shin Pads for Muay Thai (1)

Why use cloth shin pads for Muay Thai? In order to keep the sport as safe as possible, some amateur organizations (like IFMA) require fighters to wear cloth shin pads instead of fighting with bare shins. This lessens the impact and chance of serious injury. Fairtex SPE1 and Nationman cloth shin pads are both excellent […]

Get to know the brand: Top King Boxing

Get to know the brand top king boxing (1)

Top King Boxing made its debut as a fight gear brand  in 2009. The founder’s experience may be linked to the brand’s rapid journey to success. He abandoned leadership at another well known Thai brand, to launch his own Muay Thai empire. Top King Boxing continues to excel with an innovative business strategy, eye-catching designs […]

 The Complete Guide to Muay Thai Heavy Bags 

What is a Muay Thai Heavy Bag and Why Use it? Muay Thai is also called “the Art of Eight Limbs” because it uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Like other martial artists, Muay Thai fighters use a heavy bag to sharpen their skills. But, training for this discipline requires unique bag shapes and […]

Muay Thai Elbow Pads – Comparing Nationman & Fairtex

Elbow Pads for Muay Thai Comparison of Nationman and Fairtex

Elbow strikes in Muay Thai are almost always brutal. And while most gyms don’t allow elbows during training, they are permitted in fights by some organizations. Specialized elbow pads are ideal for training and for amateur competition. Several models are available – we sell the Fairtex Elastic Elbow Pads (EBE1) and the Nationman Elbow Pads, […]

Fairtex vs Nationman : Muay Thai Ankle Guards

Muay Thai Ankle Guards Nationman VS Fairtex Ankle Supports for Thai Boxing

Muay Thai requires a lot of footwork and impact on your lower legs. Ankle protectors are a simple yet crucial piece of gear for Muay Thai athletes who want to prevent injuries and increase stability on the mats. They’re suitable to wear during training or competition and really take the sting out of repetitive kicking. […]

Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment

Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment Lots has changed with the Twins brand over the past few years, including some rebranding and tweaks to their classic designs. As a reputable re-seller of Twins Special Co. Ltd Thailand, we’re happy to provide details on their equipment along with tips that […]

Muay Thai Shinguard Comparison: Twins Special, Top King Boxing, & Fairtex

Muay Thai Shinguard Comparison Twins Shinguards Fairtex Shinpads Top King Shinguards review

Overwhelmed by the number of Muay Thai shin guard styles on the market right now? We don’t blame you. There’s a lot of options available and each style offers something unique. Already have your go-to pads but looking for something a bit different? This resource is for you! Join us as we compare popular Muay […]

Top King Boxing introduces a new brand logo

New Top King Boxing Logo 2022

Top King Boxing has just unveiled a newly designed brand logo set to roll out in January 2022. This logo will replace their existing one on all of their Muay Thai equipment. Top King’s original logo has been around since their inception. It’s design featured “Top King” across the centre, with a crown across the […]

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