Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Size Guide

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Review

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts Size Guide

Buakaw Banchamek is a world class fighter. His new brand Banchamek Fight Gear is quickly making a name for itself worldwide; and there’s no question as to why. This legendary fighter knows what it takes for tough training, so also he knows the gear has to keep up with the fighter. Buakaw boxing gloves are top quality, and the shorts designs are straight fire! Read this complete article for a Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts size guide and style recommendations.

Sizing for Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts:

Overall, these shorts have a slightly more tapered design than traditional style Muay Thai shorts. When compared to the new style of Fairtex shorts, Buakaw Thai Boxing shorts fit a bit larger. For example, the small size in Buakaw shorts is roughly equivalent to a medium in the Fairtex shorts. Please see the size chart below for Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts.

Size Waist               Hip          Outseam
Inches Inches cm Inches cm
Small 28-30 16.5 42 12 30.5
Medium 30-31 17.3 44 13 33
Large 32-33 18.1 46 14 35.6
Extra Large 34-35 18.9 48 15 38

Hip measurements are taken from the widest part of the shorts laying flat. The outseam measurement is from the top of the waist band to the bottom seam of the shorts leg.


Buakaw Muay Thai Short Designs:

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts BFG2 in Black

We currently have 2 of the limited edition styles for Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts available, the BSH and BFG2 models. Both styles are satin boxing shorts, using 100% woven polyester fabric. Also, both styles have a “BANCHAMEK Fight Gear” patch logo on the waistband.

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts BFG2

The BFG2 style is available in 3 colors: red, white, or black. All 3 of these colors use a black and gold accent. The waist band incorporates the main color of the shorts with black and gold stripes. Across the font of these shorts is a beautiful lotus. The embroidery patch work design is perfectly centered. It is predominantly gold with a black outline and details. On either side of the lotus, is a Lana style pattern. This is also done as patch work, using a beautiful rich gold color with gold outline. All of the stitching is exceptionally done, with super clean edges and no lose threads. The Buakaw BFG2 style Muay Thai Short has a traditional style feel to it. The tailored fit and bold colors set these shorts apart from traditional style shorts, keeping them modern and fresh.

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts BSH in Virdian/Gold

Buakaw Muay Thai Shorts BSH

Most of the details for the Buakaw BSH design are sublimated directly onto the fabric. Since most of the design elements are seamless, these shorts are extremely light weight compared to shorts with lots of patch work details. The only patches on this style of short is the word “BUAKAW” done in single letters across the front, and the brand logo along the waist band. Design elements printed directly onto the shorts include:

  • “BANCHAMEK” written at the bottom of the right leg
  • “FIGHT GEAR” written at the bottom of the left leg
  • 2 tone lotus design across the right side of the shorts
  • Lana style pattern in the accent color on both sides of the shorts

This design is currently available in 8 different color combinations including silver/gold, black/silver, white/gold, gold/black, red/gold, blue/gold, and virdian/gold. The leg seam uses piping in the accent color for trim.

Buakaw Banchamek is one of the best Muay Thai fighters to ever transition to kickboxing. Even though he’s proven incredible in other arenas, his style remains deep in Muay Thai tradition. An unstoppable striker, it’s only right that his shorts perform to these standard. Check out the recommendations above to make sure you order the right size for your new Buakaw shorts.

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