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Twins Special Muay Thai & Fight Gear

Twins Special is considered one of the best manufacturers of Thai boxing equipment. With roots rich in Muay Thai tradition, this brand stays true to their “fighting spirit”. They produce high quality equipment, using world class materials and designs – just what you need to reach your training goals!
The iconic BGVL3 gloves are a popular glove for Kickboxers and MMA fighters. Their short cuff gives more wrist flexibility for training clinching and grappling. The pillowy style of padding makes these ideal sparring gloves, it also makes them suitable for beginners. The development of Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves are more popular with the orthodox style boxers, providing more wrist support than their traditional Thai style boxing gloves. Twins kick pads and belly pads are popular among Kru’s. Twins Special shin pads are a top choice for kickboxers & Nak Muay’s!