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SKS Empire Muay Thai & Boxing Equipment

SKS Empire is the newest addition to Nak Muay Wholesale. Established in 2013, this is not a new Muay Thai brand. With a physical location in Lumpinee stadium, SKS has solidified their position in the Thai boxing scene. SKS Empire, also SKS Boxing, is a staple in Thailand. Their equipment is used in world-class Muay Thai competitions including ONE “Friday Night” and “ONE Lumpinee”. SKS Empire also proudly collaborates with renowned Thai boxing camps and promoters, including KIATPETCH Boxing Camp and KIATPETCH PROMOTION, which bring together Thailand’s top boxers.

SKS Empire is a trusted brand by professional Muay Thai fighters and enthusiasts alike. 

Their production process is standardized and carried out by technicians with extensive experience. This meticulous, handcrafted approach guarantees the finest Muay Thai training equipment. SKS Muay Thai gear is fit for your toughest training sessions. They combine traditional and cultural design elements for stylish & eye-catching Thai boxing apparel & equipment.