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BOON® Sport is one of the premier boutique brands from Bangkok; an authentic Muay Thai brand that focuses on the performance of their gear over flashy designs. This brand is popular for their durable designs and “classic Boon brown”. The family run business makes sure their brand is synonymous with quality. Attention to detail and quality control is something this something this company takes great pride in. BOON® Sport uses top grade leathers, foam, and fabrics for their equipment. Their designs are an expert blend of traditional Thai craftsmanship and ergonomic advancement. In Thai, the word BOON means ‘virtue’. This brand stays true to their social responsibilities, supporting local fighters and lesser known gyms in the Thailand with their high quality products.

$25.00 USD
$30.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Boon Classic Boxing Gloves

$83.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Boon Compact Boxing Gloves

$83.00 USD
$20.00 USD
$24.00 USD

Boxing Gloves

Boon Bag Gloves

$64.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Boon Shin Guards

$85.00 USD

Training Accessories

Boon Fight Top

$17.00 USD

Training Accessories

Boon Stretch Hand Wraps

$12.00 USD

Striking Pads

Boon Leather Belly Pad

$100.00 USD
$110.00 USD
$139.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Boon Lace Up Boxing Gloves

$83.00 USD
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