Boxing Gloves Review – Fairtex BGV16 Real Leather Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV16 Boxing Gloves Review

This is our review of the Fairtex BGV16 Boxing Gloves.

These boxing gloves are an adapted version of Fairtex’s amateur boxing competition gloves.

These gloves are handmade in Thailand from very high quality leather. The leather has a super smooth matte finish.

Boxing Glove Padding

These Fairtex boxing gloves are made from 100% leather. The leather that Fairtex use is exceptionally soft. The glove features a screen printed Fairtex logo on the back of the hand. Fairtex has excellent quality control, the cuts and finishing of the leather are very good. All of the seams on these Fairtex boxing gloves use double stitching. The piping is done in a contrasting color and sewn very securely to the gloves.

Across the knuckles there is plenty of soft padding to help absorb impacts. These gloves will really protect your hands. The thumb has a lot of padding that extend down quite far and this makes these gloves great in a clinch. The design of these gloves makes them good for catching kicks and blocking.

The padding is very well distributed in these gloves. Not only at the main impact points but also across the back of the hand for blocking. The padding also gives these gloves excellent shape retention and support to your hands inside the glove.

Construction of these Boxing Gloves

On the palm side of these gloves, the seams are all reinforced with double stitching. Across the palm there are two pockets of padding. The first is a grip bar and has semi firm padding. This gives your fingers something to curl around in the glove. On the outer edge of the palm opposite the thumb, there is the second bit of extra padding. This is also semi firm and gives you extra protection when your hands are up protecting your face.

The palm has 5 ventilation holes to help get air into the glove. These boxing gloves have a nice wide glove opening.
The cuff on these boxing gloves is very well padded. Offering plenty of protection to your wrists. The inside of the cuff uses soft leather for additional durability. The lining of the glove itself uses a nylon fabric. this helps prevent moisture from getting into the padding.

The Fairtex BGV16 Glove Compartment

I found the glove compartment to be very comfortable, but some people have said it’s a bit small. As a result, these gloves may be more suitable for people with smaller hands. There is a grip bar inside the glove, this helps to put your hand into a comfortable position. I have smaller hands and found the compartment had enough room for me to wear these boxing gloves with hand wraps.

The thumb uses a strong nylon to form a secure connection with the rest of the glove. Therefore, your thumb has some movement which is great when you need to grab your opponent or catch kicks.

The wrist strap is quite wide although not as wide as some other boxing gloves. It has a generous amount of strong velcro to securely fasten these gloves.

The Fairtex BGV16 Leather Boxing Gloves are available in 4 colors: Forrest Green, Khaki, Maroon, or Orange.
They are available in sizes 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

Great Boxing Glove Reviews from Customer like you.

These gloves have earned a 5 star rating from 100% of our customers who have submitted reviews. Some of the comments we received were “Beautiful boxing gloves and excellent material. We recommend absolutely”, “Great fit for small hands. Love the colours available too. Order arrived faster than expected!”, “These gloves are top quality, better quality than most Fairtex gloves. They do run a little small for the hands though. Perfect bag and pad gloves. Shipping was fast”.

About Fairtex Boxing Gloves and Gear

A trusted name in top kickboxing & MMA gyms throughout the world, Fairtex fight gear was founded in the 1970’s. Originally their products were only available in Thailand. The founder of Fairtex has been at the forefront of Muay Thai promotion & development of the sport for decades. In 1975 they started opening their own gyms in Thailand. They were the first gym to offer training for women and foreigners. Their passion for helping the development of the sport of Muay Thai combined with premium craftsmanship, keeps this brand at the forefront of Muay Thai equipment.

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