Boon Thai Boxing Shorts Review

Boon Thai Boxing Shorts Review

Are Muay Thai Shorts necessary for training? Not necessarily. You can technically train in anything you feel comfortable in. Do most Nak Muays use Thai boxing shorts for training? Absolutely! And here’s why: They’re literally built for the sport. Muay Thai shorts are cut differently than other sports shorts, with the specific intention to allow movements required for Thai boxing. They’re lightweight and provide coverage in all the right places (for both men and women). The best part about Muay Thai shorts is that they’re available in a wide range of styles, colors, and cuts. Boon Sport is a notorious manufacturer of high quality Muay Thai Shorts. They offer a wide range of styles, from traditional cut to retro style, and are sure to have something to match your fight style. Read this complete Boon Thai Boxing Shorts review for details on their different designs, styles, and sizing. 


Traditional Style Shorts

Boon’s Traditional Thai Boxing Shorts are designed with a wide leg design that allows maximum mobility for kicks, knees, and clinching. The length of these shorts is often medium to short, depending on your height and leg length. Many Thai fighters often roll the thick waist band to bring the shorts even higher, further maximizing the size of the leg hole. Unrolled, the waistband has enough elastic to prevent the shorts from slipping down during training. A drawstring secures the shorts in place to make sure they won’t budge during sparring. This cut of shorts is considered a standard design in Thailand. Boon offers a wide variety of patch work design, embroidery and color combinations for their Traditional Muay Thai Shorts. 


Retro Style Shorts 

Boon’s Retro style Muay Thai Shorts offer an even shorter and slimmer cut than their standard style. There is a slit on each side to compensate for the smaller leg holes. The waist band is also shorter. In terms of fit and design, Boon Retro style shorts are essentially a “pre-rolled” version of their Traditional Muay Thai shorts. 


Materials for Boon Thai Boxing Shorts

Boon uses premium satin fabric for their Retro and Traditional Style Muay Thai Shorts. This company uses only the best short makers to ensure their seams are strong and durable. The patch work on their traditional Thai shorts is professional level. Precision cuts and finishing makes each pair of Boon shorts a work of art. 

Boon Retro shorts use a clean, simple design with solid color satin and a classy patch on the leg and waist band. Both styles of shorts feature expert embroidery in a variety of fonts. 


How do Boon Muay Thai Shorts Fit?

This brand prides themselves on consistent sizing. The size charts for Boon Muay Thai Shorts are direct from the manufacturer and specific to their style. There is a separate size chart for their retro and traditional styles. Both size charts are here below, as well as on their respective product pages. 

Boon Retro Muay Thai Shorts Size Chart
Boon Retro Muay Thai Shorts Size Chart



Boon Shorts Size Chart Traditional Style
Boon Traditional Muay Thai Shorts Size Chart


Whether you’re looking for a new pair of training or a fit for your next fight, Boon Sport has the shorts for you. If you’re looking to buy a new pair from Boon — click here!

If you already have yours, why not add to this Boon Thai Boxing Short review? We’d love feedback on how your’s performed in the comments 🙏

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