Boon Sport Muay Thai: One of Bangkok’s most admired brands

Boon Sport Muay Thai Equipment Nak Muay Wholesale

Introduction to Boon Sport

Boon Sport is a Muay Thai equipment manufacturer located in the heart of Bangkok. Reviews on this brand praise it for its authenticity and quality.

One of the company’s top priority is function. You can tell by first glance at their product line that they favor performance over flashy designs. And the feedback on this brand is in alignment with their goals – tough Muay Thai gear that can keep up with the toughest training. Boon stays true to the spirt of Muay Thai with their traditional style designs. Keeping an old school feel to even their newest releases with their materials and branding.

High Quality Materials

Boon Sport is committed to providing their customers with the best quality products. They use genuine leather and other high-grade materials. All of their products are handmade, which means they pay attention to every detail of the product.

Boon Boxing Gloves

Boon Classic Boxing Gloves Brown Leather Muay Thai Gloves
Boon Classic Boxing Gloves

Other traditional Muay Thai brands like Windy, Twins, and Fairtex have Thai Boxing Gloves with a short, compact cuff to allow the wrist mobility necessary for clinching and catching kicks. Boon’s unique Classic Boxing Glove design offers more forearm support these other Muay Thai Gloves. Their Classic model has a seam strategically placed at the wrist that allows hinge movement and wrist mobility necessary for clinching and catching kicks. All while giving your forearm the extra support it deserves.

Both Boon Classic and Compact Boxing Gloves have a tight fitting hand compartment. The Compact design has a shorter cuff than the Classic model. Boon’s popular, new model is more in alignment with Fairtex and Windy’s compact glove designs.

Boon Bag Gloves are in a league of their own with a design superior to most on the market. The padding

Boon Compact Boxing Gloves Brown Black Leather Muay Thai Gloves
Boon Compact Boxing Gloves

placement, materials, and size selection make sure these gloves pack a perfect punch.

Boon Muay Thai Shorts

Attention to detail is something Boon Sport prides themselves greatly on. And while they do use a bit of flash on their Muay Thai shorts – what authentic Muay Thai manufacturer could resists? – they stay true to their values in all other aspect of the short construction. Their cuts and seams are clean, using high quality fabrics with expert patch work and embroidery. Boon offers traditional style Muay Thai Shorts, as well as Retro Style Muay Thai Shorts. The retro style has a shorter waist band and leg than the traditional style.

Boon Muay Thai Gear

Boon is a Muay Thai brand that offers authentic and high-quality Thai boxing gear. They manufacture a wide range of products from gloves, shin guards, kick pads, and shorts — all with an authentic look and feel that has been trusted in the industry.

Boon Sport Muay Thai Gear has been around since 2002 and they have been providing their customers with top quality gear ever since. Some of their customers have been using their products for 20 years! Professional athletes like John Wayne Parr, Artur Kyshenko, and Liam Harrison swear by this stuff. 


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