Boon Pro Kick Pads: Elevating Your Muay Thai Training

Boon Pro Kick Pads Product Review by Nak Muay Wholesale

Boon Pro Kick Pads: Elevating Your Muay Thai Training

Boon Pro Kick Pads are a must-have for any professional level Nak Muay. Made with high-quality materials and a classic Thai design, these kick pads provide the perfect balance of durability, comfort, and function.

Classic Thai Design with Unmatched Durability

Boon Pro Kick Pads use only heavy-duty materials. The striking surface and back side of the pads use smooth, genuine leather while the sides are lined with heavy duty nylon material. Triple-stitched for added durability, the sides of the pads are also laced with nylon cord. This reinforces the shape of the pads while providing a smooth, yet durable, edge to the pads.Boon Pro Kick Pads with buckle small PKPB

Heavy duty, dense padding makes these pads solid as a rock. While these pads may need some breaking to accommodate softer shins of a beginner Nak Muay, let’s not forget that these pads are intended for professional use. They’re built to withstand repetitive blows from the hardest strikers in Thailand.

Boon Pro Kick Pads Provide Trainer’s with Superior Comfort

The handles on these Boon Pro pads put your wrist and forearm in an optimal, ergonomic position. Angled slightly higher at the thumb and tapered slightly towards the pinky finger, these handles hold you in the most neutral stance to catch heavy duty kicks. Reinforced with metal rivets for added durability and safety.

A buckle closure makes these a preferred choice of professional trainers. Velcro is versatile; a great option for easy on/off or to accommodate different trainers arm sizes. But a metal buckle provides a level of security even the strongest velcro cannot match. Combined with the genuine leather strap that will break in with wear, these pads provide the optimal balance of comfort and security. 

Enhanced Training Experience for Fighters

The Boon Pro Kick Pads are designed to enhance your training experience by providing a realistic and challenging target.

The Boon Pro Kick Pads come in two sizes to enhance your training experience & support your training needs. Both small and medium size pads use the single strap design.

The small size measures approximately 13.4” long and 6.3” wide. The medium size pads are approximately 1 inch longer, measuring approximately 14.4” long and 6.3” wide. Both pads are approximately 2.4” thick.
Weighing in at approximately 2.35kg, a pair of small size pads are relatively light weight for such heavy duty performers. The medium size pads are also reasonable, coming in at  approximately 2.55kg.

Another difference between the small and medium pads is the shape. The small size uses a round shape at the top of the pads, which may be preferable when training blocking and defensive combinations. At the bottom edge, the small size is tapers, allowing the pad holder to keep them nice and close to their body for realistic training.
The medium size pads are rectangular in shape, with a boxier top and bottom compared to their small counterparts. These will be preferred for fighters in heavier weight classes. The added size will better accommodate a longer limb length than the small size.detail on Boon Pro Kick Pads

Benefits of Boon Pro Kick Pads

  • Unmatched durability
  • Superior comfort for professional trainers
  • 2 sizes to suit your training needs
  • Ideal for all professional martial arts disciplines

Perfect for Pro Muay Thai training

If you are looking for the best kick pads for heavy duty strikers, look no further than Boon Pro Kick Pads. These pads are specifically engineered for professionals use, with materials that will stand the test of time. Find these and other high quality equipment from Boon Sport here at Nak Muay Wholesale. 


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