Boon Muay Thai Shinguard Review

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Boon Muay Thai Shinguard Review 


Over the past twenty years, Boon Sport has built a loyal global following. This brand is popular with Nak Muay, kick boxers and in the MMA world. With their signature brown cowhide finish, Boon products are as distinctive as they are well-known and respected. 

Boon is strictly a Muay Thai brand. Building cross discipline support, simply by focussing on what they do best, – making Muay Thai equipment. The quality of their equipment continues to reach across the combat sports divide and this is to their credit. 

Today we’re going to take a closer look at Boon’s Muay Thai Shin Guards


Overview Boon Shin Pads: 

These are solid, rugged-looking shin protectors made with longevity as well as protection in mind. These shin guards inspire confidence in the wearer, have great shock absorption abilities and are easy to clean and dry. 


Highest Quality Construction: 

These shinpads are hand made in Thailand with the highest quality cowhide leather. 

They have 3 layers of padding, strategically distributed across the shin and instep. Boon’s Muay Thai shin guard has excellent shock absorption capacity across the shin and foot. 

The shin pad wraps nicely around the calves, with an adjustable, double hook and loop Velcro strap system. 

With the quality leather, padding and industrial strength fasteners, these shin guards grant the wearer excellent stability and protection. 



Whilst Boon shin guards have excellent shock absorption capacity, they are not as thick as other shin guards, such as Top King shin pads. The distribution of the padding makes them feel less bulky than Top King’s offering. Boon’s design will accommodate larger calves and longer feet than a Top King shin protector. While they are slightly wider than Top King’s, they have a similar knee arch to protect the bottom of the knee when checking kicks.

Similar to Top King’s design, the connection between the Boon shin pad and foot protector is a thick elasticated nylon. The shin protector and foot guard are held nicely in position with two extra strong elastic straps. These elastic straps wrap around the heel and foot arch. 


Extreme Comfort: 

Boon shin guards are extremely comfortable, especially for people with larger calves and longer feet. There is a width to the design which really hugs the lower leg and offers maximum coverage. There is also a real sense of mobility and flexibility between the foot and shin guard. Boon’s shin protectors are some of the most comfortable on the market.  


Reliable and Durable: 

Due to the quality of the leather and padding Boon uses, the durability of their shin guards is, without question, reliable. Premium leather and double stitching ensures the longevity of these shin guards.

The Velcro straps are solid, very easy to adjust and hold tight once fastened. Similar to Mongkol Shinguards, Boon uses a double velcro closure that allows them to avoid the hook and loop system used by most other brands. This means no metal loop to pinch your shins, and less friction on the leather with use. Boon shinguards should last for longer than most due to the simplicity of the design. These shin guards are going to serve you well for the long haul.  


Finding the right fit:

Boon shin guards come in small, medium, large and extra large. 

With their adjustable straps they should cater nicely for any calf size. However, for people with smaller calves, these will not fit quite as snug as a Top King shin guard. Most people prefer the pads to cover the bottom but not all of the knee. You can refer to the measurements below to help find the right fit

Boon Shinguard Chart


Old School Look:

Boon’s aesthetics are, without a doubt, classic. The quality of the leather is always going to be a selling point. Their minimalist, Thai-style Boon logo is a winner and their signature brown colour is pleasing to the eye. Nevertheless, Boon shin guards come in a selection of colours, black, red, blue, white and brown. Each looks as great as the other with deep, rich tones. The width of the shin guard and ridge of padding, lends the Boon shin guard a tank-like aesthetic. The Boon logo is printed in bold, across the main body of the shin pad, as well as on a patch logo at the back of the velcro strap. These truly are great looking Muay Thai shin guards. 



Pros & Cons of Boon Muay Thai Shinpads
Pros Cons
Great for most combat sports
Offer slightly less padding than the Top King shin guard (link)
Excellent shock absorption
Might be less snug for people with smaller calves and feet
Maximum comfort
Easy to clean and keep dry
Great for people with larger calves and longer feet
Extremely durable shin guards


Final Thoughts for Boon Muay Thai Shinguard Review:

These are rugged hand-made, cowhide leather shin guards. They’re great for Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA. Overall, another fantastic product from Boon Sport.

We stock them in a full range of sizes and colors, find Boon Shinguards here. 


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