Boon Curved Kick Pad Review : Perfectly Balanced Thai pads

Boon Curved Kick Pad Review

Boon Curved Kick Pad Review

Muay Thai kick pads are the bread and butter of any Muay Thai gym. Which means you should choose wisely when investing in this piece of equipment. You want them to have the right balance of multiple different qualities. It’s no fun kicking or punching pads that have no give! They need a little pliability. But, not so much that they lack that pop. A little bounce is required, which necessitates a modicum of resistance. The best Thai pads involve a finely tuned balance between soft and hard, bouncy and firm padding.

The same with weight, they shouldn’t be too heavy or too light. Too heavy and the holder will quickly fatigue, increasing the risk of injury for both the athlete and trainer. Too light weight and the Nak Muay will not experience quality feedback, plus the holder’s arms will take a pummelling.

Quality Thai pads walk a tight-rope of competing properties. In lieu of being able to road test the pads yourself, it’s worth reading some reviews before you buy. This will give you a good idea if the pads you are interested in are up to snuff!

Which brings us onto our Boon Curved Kick Pad Review. Read on to find out if Boon has struck the right balance for you and your fighter.

Rugged and durable construction:Boon Curved Thai Pads Velcro

Anyone who knows anything about Boon Sport, knows that they have built their reputation on making high-spec leather Muay Thai kit. So it goes without saying that Boon Muay Thai pads are built using only the finest cowhide leather. They use heavy-duty stitching, strategically placed rivets, 9 layers of padding and padding on the straps.

You might expect these pads to weigh a ton – think again! Despite all that premium, top grain leather, layered padding and well made hardware, these are surprisingly lightweight. The curve is subtle but sufficient on the strike zone of the pads and more pronounced on the back. This means that the curve is ergonomically made to compliment the curvature of the forearm and wrist.

The Velcro and buckle straps are easy to adjust and clearly highly durable. The finish on the leather is a pleasing matte with enough shine to it to ensure ease of maintenance. They should be relatively easy to keep dry, clean and odour free. Without a doubt Boon has made a robust, durable, practical and desirable product.

Boon kick pads are perfect for high performance:

On unboxing the pleasing scent of quality leather fills the air. Boon does a great job of stretching the cowhide across the business end of these Leather Thai pads. They have an almost drum-like, percussive quality to the concave target area.

Despite them being lightweight, they are nicely weighted to reward the Nak Muay with ample feedback. The density of the padding grants the striker that satisfying recoil of a strike well delivered. The pads really do sit nicely in the cradle of the forearm and wrist.

The straps are adjustable and require tightening as the leather finish makes them slightly slick and sleek. Once the straps are tightened, if your fingers are secured around the handle, they should remain stable on the arms, under fire. The padding on the straps keeps the wearer’s experience comfortable.

The 9 layers of padding offer the Nak Muay a satisfying thud and pop to their strikes. The shock absorbing qualities of all those layers also protect the holder’s forearms from the incoming thunder. These Boon Muay Thai pads are skillfully made for the professionals.

Classic Boon brown leather:

Visually, Boon has got the knack of creating simple yet attractive equipment. Boon Curved Muay Thai pads come in their signature, highly popular and really eye pleasing, Boon brown with black side panels and straps. The front of the pads have a Boon logo and Boon in Thai script at the top. The back of the pads are also brown. They have a Boon logo stamped into the leather just behind the handle near the top with a white Boon patch between the two straps. These pads are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, giving an old school Thai boxing gym feel. 

Pros & Cons of the Boon Curved Kick Pads:

Advantages Disadvantages
Great resistance to the padding, striking the right balance between firm and pliant.
Make sure you tighten the straps as the leather finish makes them sleek and a bit slippery.
Beautiful high grade cowhide leather.
Padding on straps for extra comfort.
Ergonomically made for safety and comfort.
Lightweight and durable

Final thoughts on the Boon Curved Kick Pads:

Boon has got the magic touch when it comes to creating incredible leather Muay Thai equipment. These Boon Curved Double Strap Muay Thai Kick Pads (CKPM), continue that proud tradition. Coming with 9 layers of shock absorption for comfort and safety. Relatively lightweight. Great to hit, a pleasure to hold. Ergonomically curved for both striker and holder. We recommend these kick pads highly. If it’s premium leather Muay Thai kick pads you want, look no further.

Boon Kick Pads Curved Velcro

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