Boon Compact Boxing Glove Review – Suitable for Muay Thai & Boxing Training

Boon Compact Boxing Glove Review

Boon Compact Boxing Glove Review

Boon Sport is a smaller, Bangkok based Muay Thai brand which has built a cult following among Nak Muay worldwide. In Thai culture there is the concept of ‘making merit’ or ‘good deeds’. Boon literally translates from Thai to English as ‘merit’.  The brand lives up to their name by sponsoring some of the more modest gyms across Thailand without fanfare. Handmade in the Kingdom, Boon gloves are prized for their high quality cowhide leather finish. Old fashioned, durable leather Muay Thai gloves for the most rugged sport in the world.

Boon’s Compact Boxing Gloves are an excellent addition to their equipment catalog.


Let’s take a closer look.

Boon Compact Boxing Gloves Brown Black

Compact interior:

Beautifully designed with a smaller interior for a tighter, snugger fit. Boon’s Compact Boxing Glove is perfect for people with smaller hands, forearms and wrists. Compact doesn’t mean cramped but it does mean these Muay Thai gloves are not for people with very large hands. Nevertheless they are pleasure to use for those who appreciate a more tight fitting boxing glove. You don’t need tiny hands to enjoy these gloves, just be aware, if your hands are like canned hams, this style is probably not for you (try Boon’s Classic Boxing Gloves instead). The compact gloves are comfy as hell for people with ordinary sized or smaller hands.


Boon’s Compact Boxing Glove are reinforced by three layers of padding which covers the whole hand. A typically Thai design, whereby the knuckles are extremely well protected. But the padding runs down the back of the hand, to protect those vulnerable bones when blocking kicks. The padding distribution is nicely balanced, giving the glove a pleasing width. The Boon Compact Boxing Glove has a shorter hook and loop Velcro strap which compared to a Western glove, offers less wrist support. Nevertheless, compared to other Thai manufactured gloves, Boon has created solid wrist stability for a glove of its size.


Boon has managed to create a surprisingly well ventilated glove. With gimlet holes in the leather on the palm of the hand, the circulation of air is efficient and welcome. Synthetic gloves can often be like little ovens on your hands, but Boon’s leather gloves manage to avoid the stifling heat. Quite impressive for a boxing glove designed for the smaller hand.


Boon’s reputation for durable Muay Thai gear is well established; their compact Muay Thai boxing glove is no different. Of course leather is an extremely durable material and the stitching Boon uses, is just as dependable. The downside of a cowhide leather glove is that they are more likely to soak up sweat than a synthetic glove. But, just as any other leather gloves, If you regularly spray and wipe them down, with your homemade odor neutralizing spray, they should smell good and last for the long haul. 

Boon Compact Boxing Gloves Pink


The Boon Compact Muay Thai Boxing Glove is a lovely looking piece of equipment. Coming in a two-tone mix! With the main body of the glove in your chosen color and the thumb and palm in black or white. With the familiar, Thai style Boon logo on the back of the fist and on the thumb. The compact gloves come in combinations of brown/black, blue/white, pink/black, black/white, blue/white, red/white or white all over. These gloves look great.

These gloves come in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz


Are Boon Boxing Gloves good for Western boxers?

Yes, the Boon compact boxing glove is great for Western boxing as well as Muay Thai. Although the Western boxer may prefer a larger hook and loop Velcro strap. The way these gloves are well balanced and should compliment the Western striker just as well. A really great Muay Thai boxing glove suitable for both sports.

Pros and Cons of Boon Compact Boxing Gloves
Pros Cons:
Compact size is perfect for smaller hands, wrists and forearms
May be too small for people with very large hands
Excellent knuckle and hand padding
Fantastic quality leather


Boon Compact Boxing Glove Review – Conclusion: 

Boon’s Compact Boxing Glove is a welcome addition to their small but classy range. Great for people with smaller hands. Good for Muay Thai and boxing. Although might be a bit on the small size for people with larger hands. A great buy from a meritorious brand.


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