Boon Bag Gloves Review

Boon Bag Glove Review

Boon Bag Gloves Review

Boon Bag Gloves are legendary. The leather, the stitching, the padding and design are all top tier. These bag mitts are popular in top Thailand gyms and with Nak Muays worldwide. Read this complete review on Boon Bag Gloves to find out why they’re one of our hottest sellers right now!

Boon Glove Aesthetic

All authentic Boon boxing glove use their patch logo on the back of the wrist. They use a beautifully embossed pattern on the entire background of the patch. On top of this, red and blue embroidery highlights the Boon logo. Underneath this is a small letter tag to denote the size. 

These gloves are available in 6 different colors – black, blue, red, white, pink, and classic Boon brown. Each color uses tight stitching and expertly finished seams. The Boon logo is in both English and Thai along the back of the gloves. There is a sticker on the palm of each glove noting the gloves are handmade in Thailand, with genuine leather. 

Boon Bag Mitts come in sizes small to extra large, and the manufacturer provides suggested measurements to help you find the most appropriate fit. If you find there is extra space inside the glove compartment you can use them with hand wraps.

Boxing Gloves

Boon Bag Gloves

$64.00 USD
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Thoughtful thumb design

The thumb compartment on these Boon Bag Gloves is completely open. The super wide opening can accommodate a wide variety of hand sizes. This thumb compartment uses a separate piece of leather from the palm of the glove. It is one piece of fabric that circles all the way around the thumb to create an open top cylinder of leather.

There is 1 seam across the top side of this cylinder. It folds back on itself so the seam lays completely flat. All of the seams on these gloves are really well finished. But, this one in particular is of note because its placement has potential to cause a lot of friction in a more sensitive area of your hand. The manufacturer pays close attention to this detail, making sure this seam uses a firm fold with double stitching  so as to provide a smooth finish. It is hard to feel anything along this fold because there are no raw edges on this seam. The seam at the top of the thumb looks the exact same – completely smooth with no loose threads.

Glove compartment and padding

Underneath the premium grade leather is an equally awesome quality of padding. High density foam padding is concentrated across the knuckles and it extends into the fingers and across the back of the hand. Together with a super soft grip bar, this padding provides protection without making the glove too rigid. It allows you to condition the hand for impact without training bare knuckle – strengthening the wrist and hand to reduce the chance of injury. 

Elastic wrist closure 

A strong elastic material closes the wrist of the glove. This band of fabric is not too tight, but it is durable and strong enough to keep from stretching out with continuous use. The wrist has a tapered design and opening towards the palm to make sure you get a good fit. This fit allows you to get the most comfortable fit possible, connecting the final seam with your forearm. 

A point of caution, for these and any gloves with an open thumb, your thumb nail may rub against the leather causing it to degrade and wear down with use.. Keep those nails trimmed. These are heavy duty bag gloves. With the correct TLC, they see you through years of boxing heavy bag and pad training.

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Have anything else to add to the reasons we’ve outlined above? Leave us a comment to let us know your reason why Boon has the best bag gloves for Muay Thai training. 

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