Authentic Muay Thai Brands from Thailand

Muay Thai Brands from Thailand

Authentic Muay Thai Brands from Thailand

When it comes to Muay Thai Brands, Thailand has the very best there  is to offer. Thai manufacturers know the fight game; Muay Thai is deeply embedded in Thai culture and history. The history of these Thai brands and the style of their products, differ a great deal. Born in different eras, they all have very different business models and focus on different niches. The diversity and creativity equipment manufacturers within the Kingdom of Thailand is impressive. Offering a wide range of technical and aesthetic designs and concepts, the Thai market is truly world class. We’re happy to host a selection of the “best of the best” Muay Thai brands here at Nak Muay Wholesale. Get to know the best of the Thai boxing equipment manufacturers with our handy guide.

Windy Fight Gear:

Founded in 1951, Windy Fight Gear is one of Thailand’s oldest and most respected boxing equipment manufacturers. As old school as it gets. Unlike other Muay Thai brands which are constantly innovating, Windy perfected their kit in the heat of the Thai fight game, decades ago and stuck with it. From the, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ school of thought. Old, faithful and reliable. For many experienced, professional Nak Muay, Windy boxing gloves are a go to favourite. After 70 years in the hardest game in the world, Windy Fight Gear is still holding it’s own. 

Twins Special:

Twins was founded in Thailand in 1992, branching off from the Windy brand. The mother and father who own Windy set up Twins Special, for their sons. Simultaneously making boxing equipment and sponsoring big promotions in Thailand. Twins took the domestic fight game by storm. Otherwise paying little attention to the global market. Foreign fighters making their Muay Thai pilgrimage to Thailand quickly became fans of Twins equipment. Those foreign Nak Muay sent Twins Special fight gear back home, inadvertently making Twins a globally recognized brand. Such was Twins popularity, Twins boxing gloves have even become popular as a reliable alternative for Western boxers. Now considered one of the three best Muay Thai equipment manufacturers in the world today.

Twins Special Thailand continues to make changes to their branding and logos. Read more about their latest changes in 2022 here. 


Founded in 1971. Fairtex is without a doubt, the most prolific Thai boxing equipment manufacturers in Thailand, if not the world. Originally a textile company, they sold Muay Thai attire and equipment domestically. They opened their own Muay Thai gyms as early as 1975. Fairtex gyms were some of the first gyms in Thailand to welcome foreigners. In Thailand, Nak Muay often take on the gym name as their surname. Monstrous fighters such as Yodsanklai Fairtex and Stamp Fairtex carry the Fairtex name for a reason!

Fairtex sold their equipment domestically until the 90s, then they took the brand to the international market. Subsequently branching out into the wider fight game. Today they are constantly innovating. Making everything from Muay Thai equipment like their flagship BGV1 Fairtex boxing gloves to their BGL7 Mexican style puncher’s gloves. Even branching out into manufacturing MMA gloves. Possibly the most popular Thai fight equipment brand in the world today.

Top King Boxing:

Top King Boxing was founded in 2009, branching off from Twins. One of the brothers created ‘King Muay Thai’ as part the Twins empire to innovate more modern styles of equipment. Eventually splitting from the Twins Special manufacturing house, to become the stand alone Top King brand. Top King has innovated some of the best shin guards in the game and the highly popular TKFME Extreme mitts — a hybrid blend between the Western focus mitt and Thai kick pad. Top King rebranded and changed their logo in 2022. You can read more about their innovative new look here.


Nationman is a well established Thai sporting goods manufacturer. They seek to give back to Thai society by pledging to keep 100% of their production in Thailand. They are proud sponsors of Thai national teams as well as grass roots athletics. Nationman cloth shin guards, Nationman elbow pads and ankle guards are a staple of the global Thai boxing community. No frills kit for the hardened Nak Muay.

Boon Sport:

Boon Sport was founded in 2002 with the goal of manufacturing rugged, high quality, no frills, real leather Thai boxing equipment. Their classic boxing gloves have quickly become a favourite of Nak Muay from Thailand to the West. A family run outfit making their kit in their Bangkok based factory. Boon uses only the best cowhide leather and high impact foam. Their signature ‘Boon Brown Classic Boxing Gloves’ are some of the nicest leather boxing gloves around.

K Muay Thai:

A classic Muay Thai brand, K Muay Thai is a small boutique manufacturer making exclusive, handmade, leather striking pads for the professionals. Their small batch operation is highly respected by those in the know, from the Land of Smiles to the West. Many trainers are sponsored by other brands and will use those brands for the cameras, but when the cameras are off they break out the K Muay Thai equipment. Their single and double strap Thai pads are some of the most beloved by professional coaches and trainers.  A really high end and unique Thai boxing equipment brand.

Primo Fight Wear:

Primo Fight Wear is a brand spanking new, fresh faced Muay Thai brand, specialising in stunning attire. Their fight shorts are worn by some of Thailand’s most ferocious warriors. World class fighters such as Saenchai prodigy and 2012 fighter of the year, the monstrous Sangmanee Sor Tienpo. And current Lumpini featherweight champion and record breaking, three time fighter of the year, Panpayak Jitmuangnon. Without a doubt, Primo Muay Thai fight attire is some of the best gear around.

Authentic Muay Thai Brands: 

Thailand is the motherland of Muay Thai. So it goes without saying that the best Thai boxing equipment in the world is made in the Kingdom. At Nak Muay Wholesale we stock the best brands Thailand has to offer. From the 70 year old Windy to the offshoot Twins and Top King brands. To Fairtex, one of the most prolific boxing brands in the world and the Thai stalwarts at Nationman. Plus the more exclusive Boon Sport and K Muay Thai equipment manufacturers. And finally, the fight attire gurus at Primo. When it comes to a wide selection of authentic Muay Thai brands, we’ve got what you’re looking for!

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