Ankle Support For Muay Thai – Why do Fighters Wear Ankle Guards?

Ankle Support for Muay Thai
A Guide To Ankle Support For Muay Thai:  Muay Thai is no joke. One of the roughest combat sports in the world. Not only devastating to your opponent but tough on your own body. Injuries are unavoidable but you can take precautions! One practical safety measure you can take, is wearing a Muay Thai ankle support. This reduces the risk of sprains from rolling the ankle. But ankle guards are helpful for more than that. Let’s take a closer look at the humble Muay Thai ankle brace.

Why do Muay Thai Fighters wear ankle supports?

Reduce the Risk of Injuries:

Whether you are kicking, being kicked, sweeping or being swept, even doing roadwork. Your ankles are at risk and in the gym or ring, you aren’t allowed shoes. This is where the Muay Thai ankle guard is a godsend. Typical of Muay Thai equipment, tougher, stiffer and more sturdy than ordinary ankle guards. A Muay Thai ankle brace also offers far more support than most average ankle supports you can buy from a pharmacy. Of course a Muay Thai ankle support will not make training risk free. But it will significantly minimise the liability of ankle injuries.

Helpful for Ankle Rehab:

muay thai ankle supports
A Muay Thai ankle guard isn’t only the best way to protect your ankles. Wearing an ankle support is indispensable if you are recovering from an ankle, Achilles Heel or foot injury. The compression of a Muay Thai ankle support also helps to relieve pain and swelling. Depending on how severe the injury is, wearing an ankle support, could allow you to continue training. So if you hurt your ankle or foot, don’t dispair, try wearing a Nationman or Fairtex ankle guard.

Ankle Guards Provide an Extra Layer of Protection:

The other benefit of ankle support, is the way it covers the instep and skin between the ankle and foot. Beginners often aggravate the skin around the ankle and foot when kicking incorrectly. In Muay Thai we use the shin, not the instep. Kicking without precision can cause skin irritation on the foot. Beginners may find wearing an ankle support, not only reinforces the ankle joint but reduces skin inflammation and soreness.

Construction of Thai Ankle Supports:

Muay Thai ankle supports are made from a thick, almost industrial strength, blended weave of cotton and elastic. They hug the ankle, instep and arch of the foot tightly but comfortably granting the wearer a sense of stable confidence. Leaving the heel and toes uncovered for steady footwork with reduced risk of slippage.

Can you wear Muay Thai ankle guards for competition?

Depending on the promotion, you will sometimes be able to compete wearing Muay Thai ankle guards. Although it’s important to check with the governing body of the organisation you are competing under as they’re sometimes banned as an unfair advantage.

What are the best ankle supports for Muay Thai?

Ankle supports are a relatively cheap piece of equipment and the quality similarly high, regardless of the brand. But here at Nak Muay Wholesale we have chosen to stock what we consider to be the best ankle wraps on the market!

Fairtex and Nationman Ankle Supports:

Fairtex ankle supports are 26cm tall, 12cm at the top and 9cm at the bottom. The heel opening is 4cm. Fairtex’s ankle guards are slightly better for people with a larger foot and ankle. Made from 35% acrylic, 35% nylon and 30% elastic.
Nationman ankle supports are slightly shorter at 25cm tall. 11cm at the top, 9cm at the bottom with a 3cm heel opening. So slightly better for the smaller foot and ankle. Made from a similar blend of materials as the Fairtex ankle brace.
Nationman is slightly thicker and softer than the Fairtex offering. Fairtex offers 4 colours to choose from, whereas Nationman has a choice of 10 different colours.

For a fully comprehensive guide to both Nationman and Fairtex ankle supports, click here

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