Amateur Muay Thai Equipment – Fairtex VS. Nationman

Amateur Muay Thai Equipment Fairtex Compared to Nationman

Fairtex VS. Nationman : The Ultimate Match Up for Amateur Muay Thai Equipment

With a vast range of products from both of these Muay Thai giants, it’s only a matter of time before Fairtex and Nationman go head to head. Their lines of amateur products are comparable though with some distinct differences. This comparison is to help take the guesswork out of online shopping for amateur Muay Thai equipment and accessories. Though it’s the high level match up, we’ll reference the articles for direct comparison where you can find even more details on these fabulous products. Read on to get the tale of the tape.

Elbow pads for Amateur Muay Thai

Nationman is the clear winner here. Their design features soft, squishy padding that effectively insulates your sharp elbow. Fairtex’s elbow pads provide uniform padding all over the elbow surface. To us, Fairtex’s design is more reminiscent of an elbow pad used for skateboarding. It cushions the entire surface from direct contact by providing a consistent layer of padding.
On the other hand, Nationman’s design is sport specific for Thai boxing. This piece of equipment was built to protect Nak Muay’s from the devastating elbow blows their opponents can throw. The padding is focused on the point of impact. A bit more bulky, Nationman scores a perfect 10 for functionality. Get the full break down, including measurements, on both elbow pads in this article.

Cloth Shin Pads

Fairtex provides the best protection for shins. The padding on their cloth shin guards is denser and more durable than most. They offer superior protection all the way across the length of your shins. Nationman uses a softer padding, similar to their elbow pads. This squishy material makes them more flimsy and offers less coverage than the Fairtex design. Read all about the cloth shin pads right here.

Thai Boxing Ankle Supports

Both brands score points in this round and so the category is ultimately a draw.
Nationman offers a selection of 10 bold colors for their ankle wraps, most popular are the turquoise and white with classic black a close third. This brand scores another point for affordability at only $12USD per pair.
Fairtex’s points are in the finer details. They use a smaller gauge knit for a smooth, consistent compression sleeve. The elastic edges are completely covered, the entire product with finishing that only the Fairtex heavy weight consistently pulls off.

You can get a full comparison of these Thai ankle supports in this article.

The Decision: Nationman vs. Fairtex Fight Gear

So, who comes out on top? We love a matching fight kit as much as the next Nak Muay, but this is one of the times where we’ll choose function over fashion. There’s obvious advantages to the designs for both competitors but for us, it makes sense to use a mixture of both brands. In our eyes, the Fairtex shin pads and Nationman elbow pads came out on top, with a draw in the Thai ankle wrap category. And while there’s no clear winner across the board, both brands have something unique to offer.

We’d love to hear from you. What’s your experience with amateur Muay Thai equipment? Is there any gear you swear by? Let us know in the comments.

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