Fairtex Nation Print gloves
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Training Accessories

Fairtex Handwraps (HW2)

$10.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Fairtex Boxing Gloves (BGV1)

$82.00 USD
$38.00 USD
$30.00 USD

Ankle Supports

Nationman Ankle Guard

$12.00 USD
$132.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Twins Boxing Gloves (BGVL-3)

$86.00 USD

Training Accessories

Fairtex Gym Bag (BAG2)

$68.00 USD
$71.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Nationman Shin Pads

$30.00 USD
$65.00 USD

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Training Accessories

Fairtex Sport T-Shirt

$33.00 USD

Training Accessories

Mongkol Prajet Set

$34.00 USD

Muay Thai Equipment

Windy Headgear

$70.00 USD
Out of stock
$61.00 USD
$65.00 USD

Training Accessories

Top King Muay Thai T-Shirt

$22.00 USD



Why shop with Nak Muay Wholesale?

Authentic Thai Products
We are committed to bringing you the best Muay Thai equipment direct from Thailand. This means authentic Thai brands only.
There are countless manufacturers in Bangkok. We carefully curate our product selection to include the best Muay Thai gear available.
We carry big brands like Fairtex and Top King Boxing, alongside boutique brands like K Muay Thai, Boon Sport and Primo Fight Wear.
You can also find the favorites of Thai trainers and athletes – like King Pro Boxing and Nationman.
Save Money
This is an easy one – buying direct from Thailand eliminates the middleman and saves you money!

Great Customer Service
Our customer service is something we pride ourselves on. If you have a question regarding your order or a product, you can connect with us via email or social media.
We’re always happy to help! See reviews from our verified customers for testimonials on our superb service.

Fast Shipping Options
DHL Express is the fastest and most reliable shipping option. It allows us to deliver top shelf Muay Thai gear worldwide in a matter of days.
Shipments from Bangkok to the USA typically arrive within 3-5 business days.
We also offer more economical options with regular post, all with tracking details to take the worry out of online shopping for Muay Thai equipment. Coming for holiday?
Take advantage of free express shipping within the Kingdom of Thailand.